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Alparysoft Road Surface Monitor

Version: 1.0

Alparysoft R&D Company developed new technology of road pavement analysis - Alparysoft Road Surface Monitoring Technology (ARSfMT). This technology relates to ARAN technologies class (Automatic Road Analyzer) and designed for road pavement defects and road marking analysis using video recording from the top of the moving vehicle. Comparative assessment of different methods of road surface monitoring is here.

        On the basis of this technology software-hardware complex was developed - Alparysoft Road Surface Monitor (RSfM). It provides unic data for road pavement condition and road marking analysis. The system allows to solve wide range of tasks, from express analysis of the defined road section up to the big projects including pre-analysis, road repair estimate, repair quality control etc. The system can be used independently or in cooperation with other systems. Specific abilities of this systems can be supplemented with the data from our hardware-software complex.

        For the road pavement analysis the video data used which taken from the camcorder on the top of the moving vehicle. (More information on how to set up a camcorder you can find here).  The video data processed with special algorithms, and as a result we have a photography of road pavement in suitable perspective for the following analysis (top view). Also the photography of road pavement synchronized with the video data, so engineers can use for the folowing analysis both the video data and the photography of the section needed. The results can be used:

  • as visual addition to different reports and projects, connected with road pavement analysis 
  • in different CADs for visualization of road projects
  • for visual quality control of repairing
  • for automated defect and road marking recognition using our system

After video data processing Alparysoft Road Surface Monitor provides the following data:

  • a photography of the specified road section in perspective needed
  • a pavement defect map
  • a road marking map
  • different statistic information including graph of distribution etc. The data saved in popular formats suitable for the following processing (e.g. with MS Office) and storage.
  • and much more

The hardware part of the road pevement analysis  system consist of:

  • notebook Toshiba Satellite P25-S526
  • digital camcorder Panasonic NV-GS 200GC-S
  • bracket for fastening the camcorder to the top of the vehicle cabin
  • power unit 12/220V
  • termal box for recording under low temperature (optional)
  • path sensor (optional)
  • GPS (optional)

Software part of the system consist of four components:

  • Alparysoft Road Capturer - the software for video capturing during vehicle move
  • Alparysoft Road Editor - the data pre-processing software allowing to make video and photo archives and storages
  • Alparysoft Road Analyzer - the software for autometed identify and classify road pavement defects and road marking including manual correction of the results. The software also allows to get different statistic data and make reports
  • Alparysoft Road Combiner - the software for combining from several road stripes in case of wide road processing

Optionally, the product can be equiped with the module for creating road defects and marking scaling map, defect and marking databases etc. Also we can equip the complex with the repair cost calculation module and other calculation modules.

We developed the demo software for our customers to have better understending how our system runs. It shows the logic of working with the system. To familiarize yourself with the demo go here.

If you have any questions concerning working with the hardware-software complex Alparysoft Road Surface Monitor, please, turn to our technical support

Price: Negotiated

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