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Alparysoft Denoise Filter

Version: 1.0

The filter for removing noise from the video image. In the process of recording video, as well as at its transmitting and transfer to various carriers, different kinds of noise worsening the quality of video image can appear on the tape. Besides, high- frequency noise reduces the compression coefficient of the video. Reducing the video image noise is what this filter is intended for.  Currently, the filter realized in the following variants: DirectShow filter,  VirtualDub plug-in,  Adobe Premiere plug-in and Ulead VideoStudio plug-in.

The filter is constructed according to the Microsoft® DirectShow® technology, and can be inserted into various programs which support this technology. The filter provides the intra-frame and inter-frame noise suppression. Automatic noise level evaluation (which enables the filter to automatically determine the applicable techniques) can be switched on at the "Properties" page of this filter; or you can choose the noise suppression level yourself.

The filter can be applied to two kinds of videos:

  • high quality (low noise level) - the quality of the image will remain largely unchanged, while the gain in compression rate will make up to 10%.
  • much noise - the quality of the video image will be improved, and the gain in the rate of compressing to MPEG format can make up to 80%. For practically all movies with much noise, the 1.5 times increase in compression rate has been observed.

    For example, here you can see how our filter clears a high noised TV movie >>>

Innovations added Denoise filter version 0.2

The following new methods of filtration have been added:

  • Filtration algorithm, based on fuzzy logic. This filtration method is most effective for the simultaneous suppression of mixed noise (of both high and low frequency) while applying to noisy movies.

  • Interframe filter, based on correlation of several frames (involving the current frame and several previous frames). It allows to significantly reduce the level of noise, especially on the movies with predominance of static scenes.

The speed of the work of old and new noise reduction algorithms has been increased several times in this version. This acceleration has been achieved by using streaming SIMD extensions of modern processors (based on "Single Instruction - Multiple Data" function ). Now our filter can work in real-time mode.

For example, the movie with 720x578 frame size is filtered with speed of 23.5 frames per second using our interframe extreme filter. Out test computer has processor AMD Athlon XP 1700+.

Note: this filter requires processor, that supports SSE extention (Intel Pentium III / Celeron or AMD Athlon XP).

Fig.1 Filter settings

Version 1.0 contains new de-noising algorithms: Advanced interframe and Advanced one-frame.

The Cleaner for Amateur Video uses this filter.

You can download a sample interlaced and noised movie to test our programs
(6 894 Kb, 720x480, DivX codec).

Price: 19 USD Buy:  Plimus    
Download: Alparysoft Denoise DirectShow filter ver. 1.0 build 3671.050318
 Alparysoft Denoise Plug-In for Adobe Premiere ver. 1.0 build 815.050826
 Alparysoft Denoise Plug-In for Pinacle Studio ver. 2.0 build 53.060503
 Alparysoft Denoise Plug-In for Ulead MediaStudio ver. 1.1 build 546.050301
 Alparysoft Denoise Plug-In for VirtualDub ver. 1.0 build 744.050105

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