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Alparysoft HandsFree Screensaver

Version: 1.0 release build 959.041014

Alternative technology of Screensaver management, qualitatively higher level of human-computer interaction. HandsFree Screensaver disables automatically, without a touch. It has become possible due to the image identification technology. You just take your seat at the computer and Alparysoft HandsFree Screensaver removes your screensaver, reacting to your presence. Alparysoft HandsFree Screensaver operates with any screensaver, enabling and disabling it automatically. Use your webcam as a new way to communicate with your computer. Next version will distinguish one person from another.

This product belongs to Alparysoft software product line devoted to the creation of the security video surveillance systems of the next generation based on the image identification technology. The coming products are systems of image identification which will recognize you and become reliable protectors of the content of your computer and your house.

Minimal of system requirements:

Windows 98

Video: 640480, 16 bit

Microsoft DirectX 7.1

Web camera

Download: Alparysoft HandsFree Screensaver ver. 1.0 build 959.041014

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