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Alparysoft Lossless Video Codec

Version: 2.0 alpha build 957.040607

Alparysoft Lossless Video Codec is for encoding (compression) and decoding (decompression) of video

  • Without any mathematical losses (i.e. source and destination video are absolutely identical after encoding/decoding process), the compression ratio is twice - 5 times.
  • Without any visual losses, i.e. human eye won't be able to see any difference between source and destination video, the compression ratio is 5-15 times.

Modifications in version 2.0

  1. The algorithm of visually-lossless compression is added, that allows increasing of video compression ratio in several times (that is why the codec's version has raised in one unit).
  2. The bug appearing during a work with Adobe Premier was fixed, now codec is compatible with this program.
  3. A number of input and output converters is added, that is why an opportunity to transform formats for input and output streams appeared (RGB -> YUV). It increased codec's compatibility both with various capture boards and with different video editing programs. Moreover, usage of some formats allows increasing the speed of video editing greatly.
  4. General operating speed of codec is increased.
  5. An opportunity both to allow/prohibit the usage of different media formats and to set their priority appeared.
    see screenshot

  6. see screenshot

Modifications in version 1.6
The algorithm allowing encoding and decoding video in real time is added to new version. That makes it useful for encoding video when capturing from TV-tuners, analog video inputs of capture cards  and another capture sources.
Our codec's compression ratio is high as usual and it exceeds well-known HuffYUV codec.
Added support for following input formats: YUYV, YVYU, UYVY.

Modifications in version 1.5
Compression of video stream is supported in the following formats:
RGB8 (this type is for the grayscale image compression), RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, YV12, I420

Codec is represented in two versions:

  • DirectShow version.
  • VFW - version, which can be used in video editing programs (like VirtualDub or Adobe Premier)

Our codec's control is presented with the following coptions:
Source video
Convert to YV12 (with data loss) - when a flag is set up codec converts input formats in YV12 that allows increasing the speed of video editing and to shorten the size of output file greatly. Any losses on conversion to this format are practically not visible.
Adjust interlace - when a flag is set up codec divides a frame into two half-frames and it encodes them separately. It allows increasing compression ratio on video with a high percent of interlaced areas.

Lossless compression - on selecting this option codec encodes video without any mathematical losses, i.e. the compressed video is absolutely identical to source one. The compression ratio is 1,5- 5 times at that.
Enable prediction - when the flag is set up codec turns on the algorithm of prediction that allows increasing of compression ratio, but it slows down the speed of encoding/decoding.
Realtime, average, max compr. (max compression) - codec uses different algorithms of encoding, depending on a selection of one of this options. Realtime is the fastest algorithm. Max. Compr.- is the slowest one though its compression ratio is higher than in realtime. Average- it is middle between them according to speed and compression ratio.
Visually lossless compression - on selecting this option codec encodes video with mathematical losses, but without video deterioration (on the right fitting of compression level). It allows increasing of compression ratio up to 5-15 times.
Compression level - allows selecting of video compression ratio. 1 - Almost lossless compression, the least compression ratio. 6- The greatest compression ratio though video deterioration is possible at that.

Vertical flip video - flips video upside down. It is necessary sometimes because of working peculiarities of multimedia equipment and multimedia programs. If your video is suddenly played upside down set this flag then.

SSE acceleration
Enable (auto detect) - allows disconnecting of using the multimedia extension of AMD and Intel processors. The speed of video compression/decompression increases greatly when a flag is set up.

Enable logging - allows recording of debugging and housekeeping data in a file selected.
More detailed info - allows recording of more detailed debugging and housekeeping data in a file selected.
Log filename - shows file's name and location where debugging and housekeeping data will be recorded to.
Browse file - allows selecting the file for recording of debugging and housekeeping data.
View log - allows browsing the file into which the record of debugging and housekeeping data generated.
Clear log - allows cleaning the file into which the record of debugging and housekeeping data generated.

You may view the compression ratio tests of different lossles codecs. And one more article by CoralMan outside of Alparysoft website.

Alparysoft Lossless Codec is freeware, but requires registration.
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Price: Free
Download: Alparysoft Lossless Video Codec ver. 2.0 build 957.040607

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