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Video processing, filtration, compression, image recognition and video surveillance security systems
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Video Filtration Video Compression Video Recognition
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Alparysoft R&D company is developing innovative technologies and products in video processing field.

During the last years we have developed a number of unique technologies which are currently used in various software and hardware devices and serve to improve video and image quality and solve a number of specific tasks when processing video data.

We specialize in developing unique adaptive video compression and filtering algorithms, image recognition, biometrical systems etc. and we are ready to develop technologies to suit any specific task. More...

Video Filtering Technologies

Video Filtering Technologies

Amateur video processing




Video Compression Technologies

Video Compression Technologies

Lossless compression

Visually lossless compression


Image Recognition Technologies

Image Recognition Technologies

Automated asphalt pavement analysis

Face recognition


For Developers

In the context of our educational activities we pose problems for our students concerned with video and sound processing. In this section we are going to publish samples of work with multimedia developed by our students within the limits of their diplomas and term papers. Besides we are going to place here some utilities written by our company members. We hope some of them are useful for you. Watch the updates. If you have any questions do not be shy to ask on our forum in DirectX usage section. There you can also suggest your task to look for solution.

Source codes of C++ classes for image processing

Create the DirectShow Transform filter easily and quickly

Alparysoft Video Modifier

Audio Codec Sample

Modification of audio stream using DirectX technology

Sample of a transform filter changing sound parameters


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